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Hot Cop in the City

main information

english title Hot Cop in the City

cast & crew

director YUEN Kai Chi
actorTats LAU Yi-Tat
Patrick TANG Kin-Wang
LAW Kar-Ying - 羅家英
Hugo NG Doi-Yung
Tiffany LEE Lung-Yee - 李籠怡
Sonja KWOK Sin-Nei
action directorSam HO Shu-Pui

additional Info

duration84 mins


Mistakes-laden cop Pik works at the Public Relations Department, and Chu is a cool-headed and swift-acting Public Security Officer from Beijing. In an operation tracking down a fake currency syndicate, Chu meets Luk Fei, whom she used to fall in love with. Luk is then escaped to Hong Kong and Chu comes to track down on Luk and his moulage. Upon arrival at Hong Kong, Chu is arranged to cooperate in the publicity with Pik from Public Relations Department. With a far cry of difference in background and personality, there is nothing but arguments and fights between Pik and Chu whenever they meet...

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