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The First Time is the Last Time

main information

english title The First Time is the Last Time
original title Di yi jian
aka Dai Yat Gaan

cast & crew

directorRaymond LEUNG Pun-Hei
actorCarrie NG Ka-Lai - 吳嘉麗
Andy LAU Tak-Wah - 劉德華
Garry CHAN Chi-Sing
Season MA Si-San
LAM Chung
Johnny WANG Lung-Wei - 王龍威
Andy TAI Chi-Wai
Peter NGOR Chi-Kwan
Meg LAM Kin-Ming
MA Si-San
Kenneth TSANG Kong - 曾江
producer LEUNG Ming
Raymond LEUNG Pun-Hei
action directorBobby WOO Chi-Lung
composerLowell LO Koon-Ting
scriptwriter YU Fan
artistic director CHU Lai-Har
editorNorman WONG Chi-Hung
cinematographer MA Gam-Cheung
Andrew LAU Wai-Keung - 劉偉強
Paul CHAN Chung-Chau
assistant directorDanny KO Moon-Wing

additional Info

classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children and young teenagers


Young Yuk Fung is sweet-talked by her gigolo to go to a prison in order to kill an inmate there and avenge a triad boss's death. Yuk is bullied by other inmates instead, fortunately a pregnant inmate and another girl, Winnie give her moral support. Winnie turns out to be her hit. And to Yuk's surprise she puts up no resistance when Yuk tries to kill her. Also, when Yuk knows Winnie's past, she feels sympathy at her. So, Yuk does not kill Winnie. On the day of Yuk's release, her boyfriend runs her over with a car...

(source : DVD)