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The Dragon Tamers

main information

english title The Dragon Tamers
aka Belles of taekwondo

cast & crew

directorJohn WOO Yu-Sen - 吳宇森
actorJames TIEN Chun
Chik Ngai-Hung
YUEN Wah - 元華
HSU Hsia
CHAN Chuen
Carter WONG Ka-Tat
GAM Kei Chu
action director CHAN Chuen
composerJoseph KOO Ka-Fai
scriptwriterJohn WOO Yu-Sen - 吳宇森

additional Info

production studioGolden Harvest


Fang, a young Chinese, has strong passion to Kung Fu. He goes to Korea for a friendly contest with Taekwondo expert Sheng. In Seoul, Fang runs into two ruffians, the Yuen brothers. He also befriends Nan Kung, a young Taekwondo coach in a university. Nan Kung is the idol of girl students. However, his emotions are directed to Ming-mei, Sheng's daughter. Meanwhile, Fang subjects himself to every rigorous training under Pai who insists on having Fang's savage instinct released before letting him to face Sheng in contest. Eventually, Fang wins the contest with Sheng, the two become very close friends. Fang and Ming-mei get better acquainted. Misunderstanding grows between him and Nan Kung, so a tough fight ensues. Yuen brothers take this opportunity to extend their influence. They smash a number of Taekwondo schools, and have many boxing teachers killed for refusing to side with them. Even Pai is crippled. The ruffians would have had their way, but Fang and Nan Kung are sensible enough to join hands. Between them, the evil force is wiped out.

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