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Double Tap

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Alain 3
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Arno Ching-wan 3.25
François 3.5 A very decent drama
jeffy 4.25
Junta 4
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A very decent drama

Yes, Double Tap is probably lacking 15 minutes or so to develop those characters more. Yes, Alex Fong is not the best actor in HK. Yes, Law Chi-Leung is not the best director either. Yes Leslie has done much better before. But still, for those who likes good thrillers, Double Tap delivers enough interesting things.

The most interesting aspect is of course the killer, not an usual cool blooded hitman, but a normal person who discovers that he loves to kill, and can't help doing it. But on the other hand, this character understands that he is wrong and wishes that someone can stop him. The performance of Leslie Cheung is very good, and is made even more memorable after his tragic death. Far from the charming characters he was used to play during most of his career, he seems to be his character, suffering and wishing to die. His couple with the too rare Ruby Wong is also interesting, but she would have deserved a thicker character to play.

On the other hand, Alex Fong can't match with Leslie, first because he quite simply doesn't have the same talent, but also because his character is less interesting. Still, his performance is more than acceptable. Then the directing from Law Chi-Leung is quite good, the first action scenes seem a bit poor, but once there are more stakes, they becomes more and more efficient. The music is not memorable, but quite well edited with the images.

Overall Double Tap is clearly not a masterpiece, but that's a very decent cop movie with some drama. Also, for those who are interesting in Leslie's late career, that's a very good example of the kind of tortured characters he was playing before his tragic death.

10 September 2003
by François

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