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The Criminals

main information

english title The Criminals
original title 香港奇案

cast & crew

director HUA Shan - 华山
HOH Mung-Wa
actor WONG Ching Ho
KU Kuan-Chung
CHAN Shen - 詹森
LAU Wai Ling
WANG Han Chen
KONG Yeung
TIN Ching
LO Lieh - 羅烈
Tanny TIEN Ni - 恬妮
WONG Chung - 王鍾
LAU Wai Yue
KU Feng - 谷峰
YUEH Hua - 岳華
SAN Kuai
scriptwriter CHENG Kang
NI Kuang

additional Info

duration92 mins
production studioShaw Brothers 邵氏
classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children and young teenagers


(1) Valley Of The Hanged

At a mahjong table, Tang Mei-chiao (Terry Liu), the young sexy wife of a mechanic, Ah Hung (Chiang Yang), meets Ah Te (Tien Ching), the overseer of a quarry in Neck Hill. Encouraged by her greedy godmother (Hsia Ping) and yielding to Ah Te’s material temptation, Tang offers herself to him.

One night, after spying on his wife and Ah Te at their secret rendezvous and overhearing a conversation between them, Ah Hung quarrels with Tang. Provoked by her threat to leave him, he not only kills her with a chopper, but he also slays Ah Hung and Tang’s godmother when she later arrives to stop him. He then hangs himself.

(2) Hidden Torsos

While trying to take her mute daughter Ling Ling to Macau to get out of the clutches of her wicked lover Wang Jung-sheng (Sze Wei), Jenny (Shih Szu) is stopped by Wang’s timely arrival. After an unsuccessful attempt to force her to extort a huge amount of money from her, Wang kills Jenny and her daughter, and hides their bodies in the kitchen after chopping them into pieces.

The new tenants discover the torsos, and the killer, who is trying to escape to Indonesia, is arrested before he has a chance to get out of the country.

(3) The Stuntmen

A friend introduces street sleeper Chen Chung (Lo Lieh) to Shaw Studios as a stuntman. He also makes a large sum of money by acting as an agent for his girlfriend Hsiao Hung (Tanny Tien Ni) by posing her as a movie star.

After rendering some services for an underworld leader, Chen is offered control of a district formerly belonging to Chin. Subsequently, Chen hires young thug Ah Tzu (Wang Yu) as his assistant and treats him like his own son.

Ah Tzu soon has an affair with Hsiao Hung, who incites him to kill Chen. Fearing that Chen may find out about their affair, Ah Tzu attacks Chen while he’s taking a nap. Chen struggles out of bed, and seeing his wife encouraging Tzu, he strangles her to death before Ah Tzu kills him. Ah Tzu then gives himself up to the police.

source : celestial

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