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Angel with the Iron Fists

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english title Angel with the Iron Fists

cast & crew

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director LO Wei
actor TANG Ching
LO Wei
Fanny FAN Lai
Lily HO Li-Li - 何莉莉
Tina Chin Fei
Helena MA Hoi-Lun

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production studioShaw Brothers 邵氏


Director Lo Wei himself plays the Chief Detective in this thriller about the daughter of a man killed by the Devil Girl's Gang, who goes in search of justice. Lily Ho - just hailed as the co-star of Princess Iron Fan excels in the role of an undercover avenger who can fight as well as she can flirt. Caught between the crime bosses known as Baldhead and Black Widow, she only has four choices: punch, kick, shoot, or bombard with explosives!

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