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All's Well End's Well 2011

main information

english title All's Well End's Well 2011

cast & crew

directorJanet CHUN Siu-Chun
CHAN Hing-Kar - 陳慶嘉
actorLouis KOO Tin-Lok - 古天樂
Jo KUK Cho-Lam - 谷祖琳
Ciwi LAM Man-Si
Fruit CHAN Goh - 陳果
Angela BABY
Donnie YEN Chi-Tan - 甄子丹
Lynn HUNG - 熊黛林
Carina LAU Ka-Ling - 劉嘉玲
Chapman TO Man-Chat - 杜汶澤
Cecilia CHEUNG Pak-Chi - 張柏芝
Raymond WONG Pak-Ming - 黃百鳴
Alvina KONG Yan-Yin - 江欣燕

additional Info

duration103 mins


Make-up artist Sammy (Louis Koo) is hired by Dream (Yan Ni) as the director of a cosmetic company with Claire (Cecilia Cheung) being the only colleague who is willing to assist him. Sammy invites Ron (Donnie Yen), a fellow make-up artist, to join him. Though Ron might appear to be a womanís magnet, his heart still lingers with his first love Mona (Carina Lau), a frustrated writer. A minor incident in the new product commercial ties the friendship among Sammy, Ron and the yacht billionaire Syd (Chapman To). Syd meets Claire and aims to pursue her. Having grown up in a poor family, Claire seizes this as a golden opportunity to live a prosperous life and asks Sammy for help to fulfill her dream, without realizing that she has fallen in love with Sammy.

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