What is a good vibrator app How much cum does a female produce during orgasm


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[img]https://cdn2.edenfantasys.com/pi/MSB675BLKMED_6.jpg[/img] https://www.edenfantasys.com/info/10-best-anal-toys Porn for women: pleasure with erotic videos - Bekia Couple Men are not the only ones who see porn on the internet Women do not like football, nor hang out with friends at the bar to grab some gray hair. Do you think these arguments are outdated? So, why do some people think that women do not like porn? In spite of how much society has evolved in recent years in terms of gender equality, there is one thing in which these differences are still latent: sex, worth the redundancy. It seems that the fact that the woman feels the same pleasure that the man is not well seen. In some areas it is still a taboo subject, with which pornography is even more so. The porn was part of the intimacy, exclusively of the masculine one. It was something that was only commented among friends and for what one could get to be ashamed. However, if men like it, why would not women like it? That a woman would like to see a pornographic movie does not make any difference to a man doing it. Both one and another can feel pleasure watching scenes loaded with eroticism. Pornography continues to be a taboo subject among women The big difference is probably that until recently there were few women who dared to admit that they liked to watch pornography. The use of internet, forums and specialized websites have been a liberation in this sense to have contributed significantly to these tastes, which were obvious and natural, become increasingly notorious. They have also become an inexhaustible source of information. The rise of literature loaded with eroticism has also helped to begin to demystify the fact that a woman can feel pleasure watching or imagining sex scenes. Porn for women is different from what men usually see Pornography for women In recent years there has been progress in this field and it has been discovered that not only is it possible for a woman to like porn, but there are certain videos that are made specifically for this type of public. Until recently the porn industry had man as its main customer, but things are starting to change. First they looked at the homosexual public and now at the sex that women want to see, whether gay or straight. In porn for women the plot is more careful and the characters, better built In traditional porn women are not protagonists, rather they are a being whose only purpose is to provide pleasure to man. That kind of fantasy is not what girls usually like in real life, so those who perform this type of cinema X give it a spin, making it an important part of the story, with their own desires and without being a submissive. The plot is more careful and the characters better constructed as well as decoration, lighting, music, plans or dialogues. In this way you can get more videos loaded with eroticism than those that are more explicit. But in tastes there is nothing written and there may be women who feel more pleasure watching hard porn videos and men who like the considered pornography for girls. In the same way, the important thing is to enjoy. Internet is populated by websites where you can watch videos of all the classes to know what we really like. So if you're curious, there's nothing better than taking a look at what the network offers us. Investigate and you will discover what you like the most. Watching porn with a partner can help stimulate you Doubts about porn videos I want to see an erotic movie Is it weird? Absolutely. Sexuality is part of the nature of the human being and it is usual that at certain times we make a call for attention. Why do I want to watch porn? Well for the same reason as a man. To satisfy a desire or to relax. Do X movies produce benefits or damages? The positive over the negative prevails. They produce physical and psychological pleasure, help us to release tension and can get in tune before having sex with our partner or giving pleasure to ourselves. On the contrary, an overexposure to this pornography can make us addicted, but this is not usual. Couple eroticism X movies have more positive than negative effects Pornography can be part of the relationship and sometimes even becomes recommendable. Watching it in a video we can discover new possibilities, explain to our partner what we want to do in bed or prepare our body to have sex. It also helps to let our imagination fly. If you want to watch a porn movie with your boy, or with your girl, comment on it. The safest thing is that the answer is affirmative and you both have a good time. Women who watch porn are not rare, not few. Eroticism is within reach, as well as that of men. And it can be enjoyed as a couple or alone. It's up to you. How to make a male vibrator Do women ejaculate when they orgasm

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