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[img][/img] ğMy erection drops when I put on the condom: Why is this happening to me? The condom or condom is necessary to be able to maintain safe sex, avoid unwanted pregnancies and also to avoid the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It is necessary to have safe sex with the sexual partner you decide to have. But there are men who when they have sex, everything goes well ... But when it's time to put on the condom or condom, something goes wrong and the erection is lowered. Why is this happening and what would be the most effective solutions? Why it can happen The first thing you should think about is why it happens. Maybe for lack of sexual motivation, because you do not want to perform the sexual act or possibly if you have a good sexual chemistry with your partner and everything goes well and when you put the condom, the erection goes down. There are many reasons why there may be a drop in erection when the condom is placed or even after inserting the penis in the vagina with the condom on. In fact, almost all men experience a loss of erection at some point in their lives without the need to be too alarmed. It can happen for several reasons that are not worrisome Some possible causes of lowering the erection when you put the condom are the following: Sexual stimulation If you stop sexual stimulation to put the condom on sexual relations before switching to penetration there may be a loss of erection due to lack of sensation or stimulation. A simple stimulation is to ask your sexual partner to continue stimulating you to put on your condom or to stimulate yourself while you wear it. In this way you can keep the erection even if you put the condom. The size of the condom It is very important to also take into account the size of the condom at the time of use. Using condoms that are too large or too small can contribute to a loss of erection. Condoms poorly adjusted to the penis will make the erection go down. Today there are many condoms with different sizes and textures, you just have to choose the one that best suits you. The size of the condom can be one of the reasons why the erection is lowered The sensitivity of the penis The condom can inhibit a little the stimulation of the penis since it is not the same to introduce the penis in the anus or in the vagina or that you do oral sex without a condom to do it with. The sensitivity of the penis can be reduced by the layer of latex between the penis and the vagina, anus or mouth of your partner. Try using condoms during oral sex to get used to the latex sensation during oral sex and intercourse. You can also use a lubricant to maximize sensitivity. Other psychological conditions The loss of erection can also be correlated with many other psychological conditions, in particular with anxiety and depression. In fact, some medications that are used to treat these affectations can reduce a person's libido. Do not hesitate to go to a professional or therapist to find solutions. There are other contraceptive methods that can be used if you are a stable partner There are other forms of contraceptive methods If you have a stable partner you can evaluate other options of contraceptive methods, although if what you usually do is having spontaneous sex with strangers, then the condom is the best solution to avoid STDs. But if you have a stable partner with whom you have regular sex, you can consider using other contraceptive methods, such as birth control pills or IUD in case of women. It is important that you do not press if the erection is lowered, so just make the situation go back It is important to remember that sex has many forms and can be enjoyed in many different ways. The foreplay and sexual stimulation is important to prevent the erection from going down, but above all, it is in your mind control. If you want to enjoy sex as a couple, just do it! How to masterbate with a vibrator Do binaural beats make you orgasm

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