Why republicans endorsed donald trump for president despite sexual allegations


01-14-19 11:32 

[img]https://cdn2.edenfantasys.com/pi/OYR80297P3XL_3.jpg[/img] [url=https://www.edenfantasys.com/dildos/strap-on-dildos/]best strap on dildo[/url] »What are STIs and their symptoms? Once known as venereal diseases, STIs (or STDs: sexually transmitted diseases) are transmitted during unprotected sex, with or without ejaculation. They can intervene as well during vaginal, anal and oral sex. What are the main STIs? Hepatitis B It is also spread through sexual, blood and transplacental contact. It is due to a virus that causes inflammatory lesions to the liver. Hepatitis B, which is not very generous in symptoms, often goes unnoticed, with the only symptoms being influenza. Sometimes jaundice can also appear. In the worst case, a chronicity of the disease can occur and in the long term, cirrhosis. Fortunately, there is a vaccine that can prevent it. Well protected ... See also: 30 positions to take over on your partner Chlamydia infection Very widespread in France, this STI is very contagious and is found mainly in young people. It affects mainly the genital tract, the cervix and the fallopian tubes. Its symptoms are those of a urinary infection or mycosis: abnormal vaginal discharge, fever and pelvic pain ... In humans, it is rather burns during urination and penile discharge. If the infection is not treated, it can eventually lead to infertility. There is an effective treatment that involves the use of antibiotics by both partners. AIDS (HIV) The AIDS virus is certainly the best known STI. Transmissible during unprotected sexual intercourse, by blood or transplacental route. This deadly virus results in a sudden drop in the body's immune defenses. It can take about ten years between the contraction of HIV and the onset of AIDS. The symptoms of HIV are unobtrusive at the beginning: persistent fever, sore throat, fatigue, diarrhea, rash and weight loss. Currently, AIDS is not curable . On the other hand, there are very effective treatments that delay the transformation of HIV status into AIDS: triple therapy. This proven therapy results in the combination of three antiviral drugs. Attention, triple therapy does not cure AIDS, it is binding daily and has many side effects. The papillomavirus Belonging to the family of human papillomavirus (HPV), this virus sometimes can lead to the formation of condyloma (small warts) on the vulva, in the vagina, to the anus and also the penis. Caution: The condom reduces the risk of transmission but not completely. Some lesions go unnoticed and heal spontaneously. But poorly cared for, they evolve into precancerous lesions and sometimes cervical cancer. To date, only a preventive vaccine exists for 14-23 years, The realization of a smear Regular helps to monitor its possible onset. Genital herpes Sexually transmitted infection widespread and feared, genital herpes is due to HSV2 virus and infects a person for a lifetime . If it can remain latent for a long time, once present, the genital herpes is painful and is accompanied by rashes, itching, burning, fever. Then appear small vesicles that burst and reveal a crust. Only oral and local treatments can mitigate these recurring relapses but in any case to heal them completely. A know: Like all herpes, it is highly contagious, avoid having sex during herpes outbreaks. See also: Female orgasm: 40 positions to reach orgasm © DR aufeminin Syphilis Caused by a bacterium (treponema pallidum), this infection is currently resurging. The symptoms of syphilis are first a chancre (painless sore) on the genitals and then by eruptions on the rest of the body; the patient has fever and his lymph nodes are swollen. The only treatment is penicillin intake, at varying doses depending on the stage of the disease. This once fatal IST is fortunately now perfectly treatable. How to avoid STIs? Condom use remains the most effective way to protect yourself against STIs. Even though we know that some of them can be treated effectively, it is essential to detect as soon as possible the first symptoms of STIs to avoid any complications. Therefore, consult your general practitioner as soon as your genitals seem abnormal, if strange flows occur or if discomfort is felt. To effectively treat the STI and avoid aggravation or new infections, it is essential to treat both partners. Do not forget the condom during anal sex! See also: 30 incredible positions to practice sodomy Discover on aufeminin: - 8 good reasons to use the female condom - What to do when loose condom ? - 12 tips for successful fellatio by Sophie Fleury

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