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Mist Over Dream Lake

main information

english title Mist Over Dream Lake

cast & crew

director YEN Chun - 嚴俊
actor YUEH Hua - 岳華
CHING Li - 井莉
CHIAO Chuang - 喬莊
FANG Ying - 方盈
GO Bo Shu
producerRunme SHAW
scriptwriter YEN Chun - 嚴俊

additional Info

production studioShaw Brothers 邵氏


Yen Chun directed, co-starred, and adapted the novel by Qiong Yao about the daughter of divorcing parents, who finds lust, trouble, and, finally, happiness at a picturesque farm. Into this veritable Eden comes a snake, in the form of an irresponsible artist who inspires his naive associates into wanton behavior. Fang Ying, star of A Maid From Heaven, plays the daughter, while Wang Hsia has the significant role of a farmer who's in love with an aborigine girl. Lovingly made with a delicate touch, this film's suitable, satisfying ending made it a favorite of romantics all over Asia.

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