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Last Eunuch in China

main information

english title Last Eunuch in China
aka Lai Shi, China's Last Eunuch

cast & crew

directorJacob CHEUNG Chi-Leung
actorMax MOK Siu-Chung - 莫少聪
Andy LAU Tak-Wah - 劉德華
Pauline WONG Siu Fung
Alfred CHEUNG Kin-Ting - 张坚庭
Manfred WONG
GUA Ah-Leh
CHOW Gam Kong
James TIEN Chun
WU Ma - 午馬
Sammo HUNG Kam-Bo - 洪金寶
LAM Ching-Ying - 林正英
Irene WAN Pik-Ha
PANG Yun Cheung
Anthony CHAN Yau - 陳友
producerSammo HUNG Kam-Bo - 洪金寶
scriptwriterEddie FONG Ling-Ching
cinematographerTom LAU Moon Tong

additional Info

production studioBo Ho Productions


Lai Chi had been castrated for being a eunuch but the empire was overthrown. He joined a Chinese operatic group in Beijing and met his childhood friend Chao. She left him when she discovered his identity. Lai eventually got to the Forbidden City as a eunuch, however, it was a dirty world. He was driven out and met Chao again; two pitiful persons started living together, but her husband truned up suddently...

(source: DVD Universe)

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