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Dances with the Dragon

main information

english title Dances with the Dragon

cast & crew

director WONG Jing - 王晶
actorAndy LAU Tak-Wah - 劉德華
Alfred CHEUNG Kin-Ting - 张坚庭
LEE Heung-Kam
Ridley TSUI Bo Wah
John CHING Tung
TAN Lap-Man
Yvonne YUNG Hung - 翁虹
WU Ma - 午馬
WONG Yat-Fei - 黃一飛
NG Man-Tat - 吳猛達
Deannie YIP Tak-Han - 葉德嫻
Sharla CHEUNG Man - 張敏
May LO Mei-Mei - 羅美薇
Paul CHU Kong
producerJimmy HEUNG Wa-Sing
action directorPaul WONG Kwan
scriptwriter WONG Jing - 王晶

additional Info

duration109 minutes
distributorGolden Harvest


Aaron is a young successful business tycoon and the president of "Dragon Enterprises". However, Aaron doesn't regard that Bob strives to overcome him at every step. Aaron during a practice scuba diving run, drifts onto an island and is mistaken for an illegal immigrant. He runs and eventually finds refuge in Tvonne's grocery store. Karen, the mother, decides to make use of this "illegal" and hires Aaron to work for cheap wages. Aaron finds this new type of life quite interesting, and decides to play along. Later on, Karen is trapped by gangsters. Aaron saves her, and discovers the ambitions and business of both Martin and Bob. Aaron decides to straighten out his affairs. On Yvoone's birthday, Aaron invites her to his home where a special party is being held, he reveals Marin's plot and then fires him. Following this, Aaron then announces that he will dance with the most important woman in his life...

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