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Bug Me Not!

main information

english title Bug Me Not!
original title 虫不知
aka Bugs Don't Know

cast & crew

director LAW Chi-Leung - 羅志良
actorIsabella LEUNG Lok-Si - 梁洛施
Wilson CHEN Bo-Lin - 陳柏霖
Candy LO Hau-Yam - 盧巧音
Gillian CHUNG Yan-Tung - 鍾欣桐
Charlene CHOI Cheuk-Yin - 蔡卓研
producerAlbert LEE Nga Bok

additional Info

production studioEMG


The group of young people at Psychic Park, all have supernatural powers. Moon can communicate with insects. Gao Yuan has "pushing" powers. Idol Sasha can fly. Auntie is perpetually youthful. Chi can recount the past and predict the future of an object by touching it. Eggy has x-ray vision. Baldy can jump to incredible heights. The Twin Sisters are telepathic and can move things with their minds. Then there's the ladybug wit only one dot, Cootchie. But after one major disaster, it seems that no amount of supernatural powers in the world can save the day. But we never knew that the most magical force in the world is the love and courage inside each one of us.

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