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2000 A.D.

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Alain 2
Anel 2.5
Astec 2.75
Flying Marmotte 3.5
François 3 Decent actioner despite some bad choices
Ghost Dog 2.5
jeffy 3
Junta 3.5
Sonatine 2
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Decent actioner despite some bad choices

2000AD was produced at this period when HK cinema was trying to find a way out of the crise where it's still a few years later. One of the solutions was to imitate the Hollywood movies, with a bigger marketing, more compromises in the scripts in order to please any audience, including abroad. 2000AD is a very typical exemple of this period, not the best, not the worse, just an example. On the first hand, you have all the typical lacks of the "Hollywood Formula", a big marketing campaign not always very faithfull to the content of the movie (here we see F16 on the poster and in the trailer and may think about a mix of Top Gun with gunfights), good looking heroes, very evil bad guys. The script doesn't offer anything special, and the ending is quite disappointing. In a few words, no surprise in this actioner, just what any typical "customer" should expect from this kind of production.

On the other hand, there are enough "local" qualities to make this movie watchable. Aaron Kwok is as usually every efficient, if not memorable, Andrew Lin is a very decent bad guy, Francis Ng is as excellent as usually, and the girls are quite cute. Gordon Chan's directing is at moments very impressive, this guy has some real skills when it comes to action scenes. And the ending isn't really that Hollywoodian, there is still a little something to make it more than the usual happy ending.

Overall, 2000AD is clearly unbalanced, and sick of its bad influences. Its failure at the box office sadly prevented Aaron Kwok to become the leading actor he would deserve to be and Gordon Chan to compete with the US blockbuster. 2000 AD is clearly not a masterpiece, but it's not a bad movie either, just a very watchable entertainer.

21 October 2004
by François

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