CCCvision 2020


10-12-21 19:00 

Growing tuition fees, unfortunately, reduce the number of people applying to community colleges every year. Since there’s no way to stop the process of price growth, various initiatives and endeavors try to find other solutions. The Commission on the Future plans to transform the views on learning. To be exact, CCCvision 2020 is a big project that wants to change the educational system the way more school graduates and other people have access to it. You’ve probably heard that education is supposed to be accessible and affordable for everyone who needs it, but the reality is a bit different now. If education were available for all members of society, and thousands of similar organizations wouldn’t exist at all. The Commission philosophy focuses on three important aspects: access, equity, and success. The full list of plans and goals is available on our website — If we try to outline them briefly, we can say that the Commission wants all students to be successful in academics. It also plans to ensure social and ethnic equity in education. Of course, the last goal we’ve already mentioned — make college diplomas, degrees, and certificates available for all people.

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