Recommendations after massage.


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With the right massage technique, after the procedure, you feel lightness and relaxation. If the pain intensifies, you feel irritation, stiffness in the body, fatigue, you need to inform the specialist about this. The reason for this condition can be either an incorrectly selected technique, or an illiterately performed massage. After 2-3 sessions, soreness in the muscles may remain, but then it passes. With each procedure, the muscle tissue becomes more and more relaxed and supple. After the session, you can take a warm relaxing bath with sea salt or essential oil. It is recommended to massage in the evening to immediately relax after the procedure. Many patients noted that their sleep is normalized after massage. During treatment, you need to drink more fluids. It is recommended to drink pure water and green tea. Try not to catch a cold, dress for the weather, do not overcool. After the massage, it is not recommended to smoke and drink alcohol. The procedure is aimed not only at relaxing muscles, but also at removing toxins, saturating tissues with oxygen. Do not interfere with the detox process. It is advisable to refuse alcohol and nicotine for the entire duration of the massage course. This will allow you to quickly normalize the condition and improve well-being.

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Hi. These are excellent recommendations because massage is very effective for many health problems. Barefoot back massage in particular appeals to me and I advise you to check my site right now to find out more about effective relaxing ashiatsu massage in london. By the way, this procedure is quite inexpensive, but gives an excellent healing effect.

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