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Vivivivi 3.75 Surprise? Not a surprise?
jeffy 3.5
Tanuki 2.5
François 3
Elise 3.25
Ordell Robbie 1
Arno Ching-wan 2.75
Flying Marmotte 3
Anel 2.5
Xavier Chanoine 1
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Surprise? Not a surprise?

Jay Chow as the main role in the movie, no doubt, attracting fans to stop by the cinema. He has also done a good job, without a surprise tho, that the role fits his character perfectly. The fathership between him and Anthony Wong Chau Shan has brought up chemisty for this movie which also helps Jay Chow getting into his role. The story line isn't much exciting but you can tell the director is trying very hard to have unity in each role. Yu Man Lok has standout himself this time althought he did not have as much sense as Edison Chen. His facial expression and voice are getting more sophicated and mature and I am sure there is a big hit waiting for him.

To Man Chat has repeated himself too many times with similar roles which have given audience no surprise. I really doubt how many times he can continue before audience get tired of it. The music and sound effects are wonderful to enjoy especially for those car racing fans.

08 July 2005
by Vivivivi

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